I Wish I Were Dead

This morning I was able to speak to approximately 1,000 youth at the Just Claim It 3 World Youth Prayer Conference in Greensboro, NC. Donna and I have been here during the week observing and participating with the youth and young adults that are involved with various ministries across our North America territory.

My message this morning was titled “I Wish I Were Dead” taken from Jonah 4:9. Jonah probably led one of the most successful evangelistic campaigns ever with the city of Nineveh. But of course he didn’t want to follow God’s leading – at first. Have you ever tried to run from God? Jonah couldn’t understand why he was called to serve in Nineveh.

One huge lesson out of Jonah’s story that we can learn is that you can’t draw a geographical circle or a circle of convenience around where you will serve God.

I pray today that you will be open to wherever God leads you.

Pictures by Kenn Dixon


2 responses to “I Wish I Were Dead

  1. I am glad you are very much alive – and glad you are not really wishing you were dead!

  2. So awesome dad! Must’ve been an inspiring experience to be with so many young people committed to creative & new ministries..

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