A kind, hospitable, generous heart

Many words describe my new friend, Steve Kasperbauer. Let me share a few of them: kind, hospitable, generous, and God-fearing. I met Steve for the first time last November and renewed the acquaintance when we arrived in Guam on this past Friday. We’ve gotten a chance to get to know each other a little for the three days I’ve been here.

Steve has an awesome story and one day when I get the chance I will share with you. Here is the short version. When he got baptized, he was convicted to close his business, Alupang Beach Club, on the Sabbath. Steve’s business is a major attraction here in Guam as it is the biggest marine sports center on the island. Steve thought that when he decided to close he would loose business and would eventually have to close down. We all know the rest of the story – when we honor God, He blesses us! Steve’s business is doing better – even being closed on the day that most people believe is the biggest day for consumers – the Sabbath. When asked why he closed, Steve is not shy from telling his story and how God continues to bless him for his decision.

Today, Steve took us out and allowed us to enjoy the activities of of the beach club. 2 Corinthians 9:6-7 reminds me of Steve. We didn’t ask Steve to do any of these things for us today. He did them out of the kindness of his heart. Thank you Steve for your kindness, hospitality, and generosity! I enjoyed my last day here in Guam before heading back home tomorrow.

Alex and I enjoying a parasail ride. We got dunked in the water twice!

I had fun riding the jet ski. George Johnson wet me up one time by zooming by on his jet ski.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you Steve for an enjoyable day!


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