Last stop, Guam! Homeward bound!

Today was a great Sabbath day. All of the members of the team got to visit all the churches of the island of Guam – at total of eight congregations. This evening I had the opportunity to preach at an island-wide convocation at the Guam Adventist Academy. We also got a chance to hear the Bell choir perform and music from the Judd Family. During the evening message, I shared with the congregation that “we need to be known as the people of the Book. However, we also need to be known as the people who believe in and advocate Jesus and are Christ-centered in everything we say and do.”

The last two weeks, we have been so overwhelmed by the love hospitality shown by all of the Micronesian  islands we visited. We thank all of those involved in the logistics of our trip: Louis Torres, Remenster Jano, Charles Reel, and many others that were behind the scenes.

Thank you God for this wonderful opportunity to serve in this area of Your vineyard!


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